‘Tis the Season for giving and receiving again! One of the hardest parts around this time is finding some great Christmas gift ideas for her & for him. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you this season! We came up with a list of unique Christmas gift ideas that is suitable for an adult.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

gifts ideas for her

1. Bouquets of Flower Arrangements
Almost all women love getting surprised by flowers. They’re inexpensive gift ideas and they provide immense value in happiness and satisfaction. The gift is suitable for any women, whether they’re your significant other or for your mom. Everyone loves to get surprised by a beautiful flower bouquet. Right now we’re having a special discount on all of our flower arrangements that include free same-day delivery with no hidden fees. What are you waiting for? Stay classy men, send flowers to her now before we run out!

2. Jewelry
Who doesn’t love jewellery? A lot of people think jewellery are really expensive, well they don’t have to be. There are plenty of affordable and stylish jewellery made available online from sites such as Etsy where you can buy unique one of a kind crafted pieces that are affordable and really stylish. It is much more thoughtful to buy something that is unique than it is to buy something that is mass produced by a major company.

3. Handbags
If she has too much jewellery or she doesn’t wear jewellery you can always gift her a handbag. No matter what, they will always find an excuse to carry a bag to go outside or to go to work. If she has a specific brand that she loves consider looking at what is the most popular model and if she has it, if she doesn’t have it already she probably wants it.

4. Alcohol
If all else fails, you can always get her that alcoholic beverage. Find out what type of drink she likes and get her favourite bottle wrapped up nicely for the holidays (if you want to go the extra mile, you can get her flowers along with the bottle and that’ll be the ultimate surprise!). Most LCBO stores in Toronto provide gift wrapping solutions, if they don’t you can always go to the financial district and get it gift wrapped and donate some money to SickKids Foundation. Not only are you getting something in return, you’re also donating money to a good cause that can help others in need.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

gifts ideas for him

1. Bouquets of Flower Arrangements
What is the perfect gift for the man that has it all… They have everything you can possibly think of, making it extremely difficult to buy anything for them! Well, the answer to this is to send him some surprise flowers. We deliver can deliver a beautiful flower arrangement to his doorstep or to his office. Receiving flowers will definitely be a unique experience compared to his typical holiday gifts. So what are you waiting for? Order flowers online to send now before they run out!

2. Modern slim Tie
If sending flowers to him does not work, we suggest getting him a modern slim tie from Canadian fashion startup Indochino or well-known international brands. A well made modern slim tie will not only look good, but it will last for a very long time and allows him to wear it for work or during casual outings after office hours. Here are some affordable ties that are stylish and inexpensive gift ideas!

3. Belt
Another great gift idea for him is some high-quality belts. The belt should match or compliment the rest of his outfit, so when you’re deciding to buy him a belt make sure he can match it with his other accessories such as tie, shoes, and clothes. Some colour works extremely well with each other such as mahogany brown shoes and belt matching the tie. If you’re not sure what colour works well with each other, here is an awesome website to see what colour works.

4. Timeless Watch
One of the most stable gifts to give to any man no matter what is a classic timepiece. Even if the man has a tonne of watch in his collection, there is probably that one watch that he REALLY wants out there and is just waiting for that special moment to buy it for himself. Why not surprise him with that watch instead of waiting for him to buy it. Here is a list of top 10 most popular watches on Pinterest, see if he is missing a timepiece that perhaps you can surprise him with!

As always, the most important thing is not the thing we bought or received during the holidays. It is the thought that matters the most. Spending time with the ones that matter the most to us is the best gift one can give to another. The team at Flowers In The Box wish you all the best during the holiday season.