How To Send Flowers Like A Boss

Fun fact, a lot of people like to receive flowers because it makes them feel appreciated and wanted. However, not that many people get surprised with a flower arrangement because most people just don’t know how to properly send flowers to someone. We’re not kidding, it may sound easy sending someone flowers but it actually is quite difficult! It is difficult because of multiple reasons including timing, message, and picking the correct flower with the right meaning.

Good Person Wrong Timing

One of the most common problems we experienced when delivering flowers is what we liked to call the good person but wrong timing. You’re a good person and trying to impress that special person but you unfortunately just picked the wrong delivery time. You don’t want to send someone flowers when they’re not home to receive them! You might as well send it to them at work and get their coworkers jealous (haha)!

We always recommend trying to figure out what that person schedule is like and work with that person’s schedule. This means if they’re home at a certain time make sure you select the delivery time range for when they’re home! If they’re at the office at a certain time make sure you deliver it to their office instead of their home. Or if you want to make it extra special and guarantee an instant surprise, invite that person out on a date and order flowers for that specific time range and delivery address to that location. A lot of times we have awesome customers ordering flowers and wanting us to deliver it to them to a restaurant that they’re eating at with their special someone.

Missing The Shot With The Wrong Message

Don’t shoot your shot and miss your chance because you sent flowers to someone special but didn’t leave a message for them to read to drop clues on who sent them the beautiful flowers! All of our flowers come with free custom message card for you to say whatever you want. For the best message, we find that if you keep it short and concise, it always works the best. Nobody wants to receive beautiful flower arrangements and read five paragraph full of words (unless you did something seriously wrong!). When you keep it short and concise you leave the interpretation up to the person.

If you’re unable to figure out a special message here are some websites that can help you out!
Birthday Message
Romantic Message

Picking The Correct Flower Arrangements

Did you know there are multiple meanings in the colour of the flowers? You definitely don’t want to send the wrong message to the person! We have created a helpful guide on how to identify what the flower colour means and how you should be cautious of each colour and their associated meaning. We often recommend this basic colour guide.

Anything romantic the flower colour should be red, peach, coral, lavender roses, yellow roses with red tips, red & white roses, and red & yellow roses. These are more about passion, love, affection, desire, lust, and unity colours.

Anything that is more friendly in nature, the flower colour should be yellow, dark pink rose, light pink rose, orange and the easiest one to show friendship is a rainbow colour roses combo where everything is mixed in.

Okay, now that we got some basics down such as timing, the message and the meaning of the flower arrangements. We have to go through some scenarios that most people likely face when trying to decide on how to send someone flowers.

Scenario 1: Sending Flowers to That Cutie You Just Met

So you finally got a super match in Tinder, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish or whatever dating app that is popular these days (provided some quick links for the lonely boys and girls out there). You went on a couple of dates already and things are going well. You want to show that special someone that you’re not just another plain Jane or Joe Blow from the block and want to one-up everyone else by surprising that cutie with flowers on the 2nd date.

Once you decided you’re going to get that cutie some bouquets, you should refer back to the top of this article with the timing, the message and the right flower selection. We recommend you selecting any flower arrangement with red in it for the first flower bouquet because it is the most iconic and represents the romance that is starting to blossom into something much bigger (hopefully).

Scenario 2: The Couple That Has Been Together Forever

For the couple that has been together forever, there isn’t really much in terms of how to send flowers because you’ve probably already sent your wifey or hubby over a dozen of flowers already. The best way to surprise the forever couples is something that reminds the other person that you remember them, because of that we often recommend our monthly subscriptions. You buy it once and forget about it because it lasts so long and is renewed for up to how long you want it to last.

Scenario 3: The Couple That Has Been Together Forever But I Screwed Up

For the couple that has been together forever but I screwed up (usually most likely the guy, unfortunately). The most common method for this is to pick something that you would’ve picked way back when you first dated to re-ignite that passion and romance that you have for each other with a heartfelt message owning up to the mistake you made and promise that person you won’t do it again. Patch up the mistake and go forward together stronger than before.

Scenario 4: The Birthday Surprise Flower

This one is super fun because it’s a birthday surprise. The best way to surprise the person on their birthday with flowers is to deliver it when they’re at work because they are guaranteed to be there. Some work allows employees to take their birthday off so it may be best to deliver it to the birthday person home instead. The best way is to find out what their plans are for their birthday and make sure you get their timeline and voila! You’re ready to send off some beautiful flower arrangements to the lucky person!

We hope this guide was helpful for you and the scenarios described above gave you some ideas on what you’re up against and how to resolve them. The art of sending flowers is a long-forgotten tradition that was once a common thing to show your appreciation and affection for a person who means a lot to you. However, you can keep this important traditional alive and from our experience, people still love getting surprised with beautiful flowers arrangements delivered to them and it always ends happily ;)!