We’re About Beautiful Flowers With No B.S.

The Traditional Online Flower Shopping Experience

Are you tired of ordering flowers online and not receiving what was promised? You know the traditional bad experience of ordering flowers online after seeing a picture of a beautiful flower arrangement where they show you a super cheap price and trick you into clicking the product only to find out that specific arrangement is only possible after you select the “large” “deluxe” “premium” arrangement that cost up to 2-4x the price than originally shown?

low price flower trick

Traditional online flower shop scam. Trick you with the low prices first!

rip off prices for flowers

Once you fell for the trap and clicking on the product you see the real price and the worse part is that it is in USD!

where did this delivery fee come from?

They hit you again with another scam the “service fee” that has no real purpose other than for the online retailer to receive their cut of the deal!

Or what is worse when you actually decided to go through with the order and pay that much to get the best flower arrangement possible and you go to the checkout page only to find out that delivery cost as much as $20 dollars because the flowers are fragile and they have to pay more for a trained courier? Or the dreaded service charge that they randomly added to the order without reason or clear explanation?

overpriced useless upsells

Don’t forget about those annoying overpriced upsells they try to push! Even my adblock couldn’t stop them from appearing 🙁

Also the non stop attempts to upsell stuff you probably most likely don’t want or care about because they overpriced the item by crazy amounts to rob you blind for the fourth time straight!

What was originally supposed to only cost $100 dollars but by the time you’re at the end and after you entered all your information you find out the true cost is almost double that price because of the USD to CAD conversion including after all the add-ons and delivery fee. At this point you’re already too late to quit the order because you’ve pretty much done all of the work and all you have to do is click “Order” for them to charge your credit card. You’re probably thinking to yourself that since you’ve already invested so much time into this and don’t want to waste more time by looking at other flower shops or online flower vendors you decide to click that button in bitter resentment and hope that this will cheer up the lucky recipient’s day…

Only to find out that when the flowers are delivered and the recipient receives the flower that the arrangement you ordered online does not look even remotely close to the picture posted online at all! Like this unlucky customer for example who ordered from Toronto Flower Company:

flowers gone wrong

What was promised compared to what was actually delivered. The person who made that flower must’ve been blind!

What is even worse than getting flowers that don’t look anything like the picture displayed online is having to deal with poor customer support! Most of these large online flower shops don’t actually operate flower shops, what they do is contract your order online and send it to a local flower shop for them to make and ship it out to you. So when you have a bad experience they have no capability to correct the order other than giving you store credit for their online website.

poor customer service from toronto flower company

Whoever wrote this review, contact me and I’ll send you a bouquet for free!

more poor customer support from toronto flower company

I feel your pain just hit me up and I’ll send you a free bouquet!

Okay we get it, these other flower shops and flower stores suck! What makes you so special?

quality flowers with no tricks

Prices stay the same there is no tricks over here.

Our model is simple… We’re all about beautiful flower arrangements with no bullshit attached to it! We don’t try to upsell you or overcharge you more than you should expect for reasonable quality flowers with a free custom note card and free delivery that empowers the local community. We charge a flat rate with no surprise fees at the end of the order, we’re just passionate florists that enjoy sharing these beautiful experiences that very few people have the opportunity to enjoy!

quality flowers no tricks

Our prices don’t change like the season!

quality flowers with no surprise fees

Flat fee with no hidden surprises at the end of the check and there is a box for your custom message at checkout!

Our philosophy is simple, you work hard for your money and for you to spend big bucks on a surprise for the recipient means that person is probably important or special to you. We want to make it easier for you to show your appreciation for the recipient by being hassle free! We operate on what you see is pretty much what you’re going to get unless stated otherwise. There is no surprise flowers that are welting at your door steps and no complaints. If there is we offer you another flower order for free or we’ll offer you 100% refund with no issues!