Different Types of Flower Vases

If you love to have beautiful flowers surrounding your living space, then you know how important it is to have the proper vases to house those flowers. This is a complete guide to picking the perfect vase for your flowers, the classical options, the economical vase options, the environmentally friendly options and the modern vase options will be discussed. The general rule of thumb for purchasing vases for flowers is that the vase should be a more passive or conservative colour in order for the flowers to shine through. Colours such as shades of black, cream and white.

Classic Vase Setup

The best shape for the vase is anything with a wide base that collapses into a narrow mouth near the top. The trick here is to make sure that the flowers are held tight enough coming out the top of the vase so that they do not move around too much and look sloppy. The stem of the flowers should be the correct length to achieve that perfect look, the rule of thumb here is that the stem of the flowers should be twice the length of the vase, in other words, if the vase is 6 inches high then the stem of the flowers should be approximately 12 inches in length.

Cylindrical Vase

Cylindrical vases come in single stem widths and widths for multiple flowers, these vases are good for long stemmed flowers such as lilies, long stemmed roses found in our eternal love bouquet, gladiolas, and wildflowers. The cylindrical vases accentuate the length of the flower, this arrangement is appealing to the eye.

Tulip Vase

Tulip vases are commonly vases that feature a wide base and top section with a narrow middle section and pair well with flowers that have a wider base such as those found in our chic roses bouquets. If you are looking for a more timeless look than the crystal clear vase is a good choice, crystal clear vases great because the optical illusion of the water in the vase can enhance the colours of the flowers. This effect can be further magnified if colouring agents are added to the water, this allows for very interesting colour arrangements with the colours of the flowers.

Sphere Vase

The sphere vase is great for flowers that are medium in size, the larger interior will allow them to spread out along the vase while making securing them from flopping to the sides of the vase. And on the flip side of the sphere vase is the trumpet vase, the trumpet vase flares at the top, this vase type is most satisfying when paired with flowers that extended and help exaggerate the flare such as the lilies found in our metropolis bouquet.

Economical Solution: The Bud Vase

The bud vase sports a curvy bud vase with a slender neck and pairs perfectly with freesia nicely and accentuates its silhouette. It is also a great idea to spread freesia among different bud vases of different heights for a great effect. The square vase works with equally graphic blooms and works with top heavy flowers; use contrasting colours such as purple, pink or blue against a white box vase for a modern look. Also, the urn vase is ideal for flowers like tulips or other species with long supple stems; large blooms that need room to blossom are a good choice as well. Tulips like to stretch and move towards the light and an urn shaped vase allows these flowers to move around and do their thing.
red vase

Modern Flower Arrangements

Modern flower and vase setups rely on a bunch of blooms of the same species grouped together cut short and placed in a small and usually square vase. The vase should be a darker colour which will contrast nicely with the bright and colourful flowers. The modern look can include more than one vase, for example, if you place three vases side by side going from smallest to largest and place a bloom of different colours in each, you can achieve a very unique and eye catching flower arrangement. Small clusters of vases are getting more and more popular due to their sophisticated and sleek look.

elegent vase

Improvised Vases

Another creative way to store your flowers is through the use of improvised vases; these vases are created by using everyday items that were not intended to house flowers. Items such as cans and old small aquariums and kitchen containers along with a multitude of other items can be re-purposed vases which can accentuate your interior décor.

Environmentally Friendly Option

There are potted flowers that come with cute wooden boxes used as vases or those small brown pots, this solution is advantageous due to the fact that potted flowers last longer than cut flowers. This vase solution normally does no adhere to the before motioned vase criteria, however, you can rest assure that the designers know what they are doing.

wooden vase