Bet you did not know there were several different types of roses in the world! It’s okay, don’t feel alone most people don’t know there are more than one rose type with different characteristics and shapes that define why that particular rose is special. We will lay it out for you in our basic breakdown guide including how these rose types are different from each other and their rose names.

It is important to keep in mind that different florists and flower shops may call these roses by different names due to what they’re used to or the location they’re based out of. This is just a standard reference for how we call our roses and not everyone may reference these roses the way we do!

Different Type of Roses

  • The first type of rose is “Red France” with distinctive flared out sharp rose petal edges. At its peak bloom stage, it is usually very large and wide with multiple layers of petals. Perhaps the second most layered right after the “Checkmate” rose type.
  • The second type of rose is “Checkmate Roses” with distinctive thick and fat petal layering and slightly angled edges. While the Checkmate and Red France may look very similar at a quick glance the sure way to tell the difference is the styling of the rose. With the Checkmate’s larger and wider petals compared to the “Red France.”
  • The third type of rose is “Freedom Roses” rose, sometimes we use this specific type of rose for our flower arrangements. This type of rose is defined by it’s slim, tight, and tall flower petals. Depending on the stage the rose is in the petals usually retain its shape with a slight flair when it is fully matured at its peak.
  • The fourth type of rose is “Sexy Red” this one is very similar to the “Freedom” rose with the exception that it has a higher petal count with gorgeous rich red. This is another rose type that we often use for our flower arrangements.
  • The fifth type of rose is “Wanted Roses” with their petals being thick and wavy. This rose type has a darker shade of red than the other ones that we’ve mentioned. The petals like to drop wide similar to a garden rose.
  • The sixth type of rose is “Spanish Dress” it most closely resembles a darker version of the “Freedom” rose type with tall straight petals. It is the second darkest shade of rose.
  • The last type of rose is “Hearts Roses” it is one of the darkest if not the darkest kind of rose that is available. This rose type is characterised by it’s thick, wavy, and heavily layered petals closely resembling a garden rose with a large hanging drop at the very end.

Some of the most popular roses in the Toronto area are Freedom Roses with Sexy Red right after it. It is rare to see the other type of roses in the Toronto area unless it is specially ordered in by the client. Perhaps one of the most beautiful one in our personal opinions is the Checkmate roses due to the complex layering and symmetrical shape of the flower. This particular kind of rose is hard to get, most often times people in the Toronto area that do have this often they will preserve it with preservation techniques to enhance the longevity of the rose.

Hopefully, this guide will help you spot the subtle difference between the different types of roses in the wild and help you select the right kind of your flower arrangements or wedding bouquets! If you want to order some awesome flower arrangements with some of these roses we’ve mentioned, don’t be afraid to contact us directly! All of the roses we use for our flower arrangements are fresh and responsibility sourced.