What is your delivery zone?
We offer free flower delivery to downtown Toronto in 4 hours flat.

What forms of payments do you accept?
We only accept credit card payments online (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express).

Is my credit card safe to use online?
We do not store any credit card information. We use a third party payment service called Stripe that is highly secured. More information is available on our terms & conditions.

What happens after I place an order?
Once you place an order we start processing the order on a first come first serve basis. Most orders are processed, packaged, and shipped within 4 hours flat to your doorsteps for free.

Sending Flowers to Someone
We strongly encourage our customers to send flowers to everybody! Who doesn’t love to get surprised by a box full of flowers?

I want my delivery to be a surprise, can I do that?
Yes, you can! To ensure the best experience possible to surprise somebody, we recommend knowing when they are home and at what time are they available to pick up the surprise. This ensures the best possible experience for the recipient from our past experiences with customers that want to surprise someone.

What if the recipient isn’t available to receive the delivery?
If the recipient is not available to receive the product for whatever reasons, we choose from three options.

1. If the delivery person deems it is safe to leave the product hidden on the property and safe from the natural environment and not openly visible to a passer-by, the delivery person can leave the product with a calling card detailing the product location to ensure the safe arrival of the product.

2. If the person lives in a condo or apartment where there is a security desk or concierge desk, the delivery person will ask for permission to leave the product with them until the recipient is available to pick them up.

3. In the event that if nobody is there and nowhere is safe to leave the product, the product will be returned to us and we will contact the buyer for another time to deliver the same product to the recipient.

I did not get the same box as in the picture, why?
We try our best but we cannot guarantee the same box as in the pictures because we order different boxes for different times and we may not update the images for the products that we carry at the certain time. A

I did not get the same flowers as in the picture, why?
We try our best but we cannot guarantee the flowers you received are the same as the images posted online due to a variety of external factors beyond our control, such as the natural colour, mother nature, and unforeseeable natural or man-made events. The flowers we send out are seasonal flowers, meaning if it is out of season we will not have certain flowers and we will provide seasonal flowers as substitutes. The images are meant to display what we’re capable of making at the specific price point.

Returns & Refunds
We try our best to make sure all of our customers are happy with their orders! If for whatever reasons they’re not satisfied with the product we offer, all of our customers can contact us to request a full refund for their order that takes 5-10 business days to process.


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