Simple Flower & Plant Care Tips

At Flowers in The Box we care about our flower arrangements and so should you! Once your online flowers are delivered to you in the comfort of your own home or office, we recommend these simple flower and plant care tips to dramatically prolong your flower’s or plant’s life.

Flower Care Tips for Boxed Flowers Arrangement

Flower Care Tip #1: Keep the Flowers Cool
Since the flowers are in a box and the stems are cut short, it is recommended to keep the flowers in a cool spot and out of light to prolong the life of the flower.
Flower Care Tip #2: Let the Flower Dry Out
All of our flower arrangements come with hydration packs within the box. The flowers are placed and stylised with enough flower food to last a week if left untouched in the box. Once the flowers soak up all the hydration they will eventually dry out and become permanently in place!

Flower Care Tips for Hand Bouquets

Flower Care Tip #1: Replenish Your Flowers!
Flowers like to drink a lot of fresh water, it is not uncommon for flowers to die sooner if it’s not been replenished with fresh water every 3 days. Flowers are also highly susceptible to build up bacteria and germs in the water and on the stems as it sits in the same water for prolonged periods of time. By changing your water every 3 days it helps keep the flowers replenished with fresh water and keep bacteria growth away.
Flower Care Tip #2: Trim Your Flower’s Stem
It is important to remember to rinse your flower’s stem for 30 seconds with fresh cold water before you trim the flower’s stem at a 45-degree angle. This is to remove the bacteria and germs on the stem from stalled water in the vase and allows for the flower to absorb water more efficiently in the new vase with fresh water.
Flower Care Tip #3: Avoid Heat and Light
While it may seem like a great idea to place your beautiful flower arrangement next to somewhere warm with direct sunlight contact like they do in the movies, you want to avoid that at all cost! Flowers, unlike plants, will mature much faster with direct contact with anything that is hot or has bright lights shining on it. We recommend you to leave your flowers somewhere that is cool and dark to prolong the flower’s life expectancy for up to a week.
Flower Care Tip #4: Flower Food
Every time you change your water and trim your stem you should also remember to use the flower food we provide with each flower. The flower food contains nutrients that keep the flowers healthy and fresh while prolonging the life expectancy for up to a week extra in some cases. Therefore it allows you to keep your flowers lasting much longer than without it.

Plant Care Tips for Plant Arrangements

Overwatering the Plant
The most common cause of death for a plant is overwatering the plant. So don’t over pour! Just pour enough so the soil is damp and wet.
Variegated Plants
Variegated plants featuring leaves with white edges or white flecks will require more light than their green counterparts. It is ideal and recommended to keep these little fellas near somewhere that will receive a lot of natural light and don’t forget warm temps!
Reduce Stress On Your Plant
Your plant like you also has a lot of stress! Plants will acclimatise slowly to different surrounding depending on the environment by changing their leaf orientation and structure. It is recommended to not move them around too much to reduce the stress applied to the plant.
Regular Plant Maintenance
It is recommended to regularly prune your plants to stop them from becoming leggy. Once the plants lose foliage on their lower branches it can get hard for them to return to the normal state. By pruning these lose foliage you’re helping your plant out, so don’t forget to do your job!

With these simple flower and plant care tips, you can expect to prolong your flower’s and plants life expectancy for up to a week in duration extra. Taking care of your flowers or plant is like taking care of your pet, they are living things and they require constant care and attention. Every single organic fresh flower and plant requires food, nutrient, water, and air for growth. Each individual flower and plant even if they’re from the same bunch have their own unique life cycles. Some will bloom faster than others while others will bloom slower than the rest.

Now that you know these simple flower care tips you should expect a much longer lasting flower arrangement. After a week you can also try to preserve the flowers with our simple guide on how to preserve roses & bouquets. They don’t have to be roses, any flower type works with our preservation techniques.