3 Month Flower Subscription

Some people call our flower subscription service blooms of the month club, others call it the best flower subscription service in Canada! No matter what you decide to call it, we make sure that we deliver the highest quality hand curated in season flowers from local flower growers straight to your doorsteps in downtown Toronto within 4 hours flat for free (same day delivery is already included in the price) with a custom note card with your message. The first bouquet will be delivered right away, and the next two on the same day and same time every month for the length of the order. We promise there is no hidden fees or we'll refund you completely!

To increase the length of your flower subscription, just add another 3 month flower subscription to your cart and we’ll make sure flowers are delivered for the additional months! If you're more into greenery like plants, succulents, orchids, check out our 3 month plant subscription service instead!

We also offer custom flower solutions to make sure our flower bouquets will match your destination on a flexible schedule. Just send us an email and we'll make sure there is a plan in place that will work for you such as if you want flowers to be delivered on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule instead of monthly. We're more than happy to chat with you!


Our 3 month flower subscription is the one of the best in Toronto or perhaps even the best flower subscription service in Canada! This subscription service is a great gift to show our appreciation for somebody that has made a impact in our lives and we want them to know it every month!

Whether it is a happiness subscription, appreciation subscription, or fresh eco flowers of the month club, we promise our flower subscription delivers the highest quality hand selected in season flower arrangements every time! All of our monthly flower subscriptions are designed by expert florists that guarantees our stem to be fresh every time with unique floral designs delivered straight to your doorsteps every month for free! We promise you will never receive the same floral designs or else we will refund your money back no questions asked!

What does the monthly flower bouquets look like? All of our monthly flower subscription designs are different every month. The florist will pick the best flowers for the season and pair it with the correct matching greens and other type of flowers to make it look absolutely stunning every time. We make sure that nobody receives the same flower design by accident because we are consistently shopping for fresh locally sourced seasonal flowers every day. This prevents us from creating the exact same flower arrangements and it supports the local flower growers and local economy.

Can the recipient change delivery or date themselves? The recipient can change the delivery date themselves so that it will fit their schedule better. They will just have to contact us through email. Ideally this won’t happen frequently once you read our guide on how to send flowers like a boss!

How long does the flower arrangement last? Since we source our flower arrangement fresh from locally grown flower farms, they tend to last about a week with proper floral care & maintenance. We have included a card that provides you with basic instructions on how to properly care and maintain the flowers for maximize lifespan. If you lost the card don’t sweat it, we also have a detailed flower care guide available online. With proper care and maintenance, our fresh locally sourced flowers will last for a long time!

Flower delivery when I’m not home? Our flower couriers are instructed to deliver it to the concierge if you live in a condo if you’re not home (just make sure the concierge is willing to accept the flowers). Otherwise, if you live in a house and no one is home our courier will use their best judgement to deem if it is safe to leave the flower arrangements outside or hidden from plain view of the public. Alternatively, we can leave the flowers with the neighbours with your permission. When delivering in the winter and there is no one at home, the flowers cannot be left outside. In this situation, the courier will bring the flower back and we will attempt to deliver it again with the same flowers the next day or we will reach out to the customer by email and plan for the most suitable delivery time.

We guarantee no hidden fees. We promise there are no surprises or hidden fees with our flower orders! We have already included the delivery fee and there is no service charge fees with our orders when you check out! This is our commitment to you as our customer. We will not charge you for the delivery fee as the price is already included and there are no “small” or “large” flower arrangement tricks. All of our flowers come in various sizes depending on the season and the available selection of flowers from our local flower growers.

All of our flower box arrangements & bouquets are made with in-season flowers unless specified. If you would like a specific flower arrangement you can always leave a request in the checkout and we’ll do our best to accommodate them. We’re so confident that you will love the flower arrangement that we offer a satisfaction guarantee or you’ll get another flower of the same value for free!

Free Flowers Deliveries in Downtown Toronto
Check us out with our free flower delivery in downtown Toronto! All of our flower box arrangements & bouquets are delivered using environmentally friendly methods such as car sharing and local social enterprises that empowers the community.*Our delivery zone typically includes most of Toronto’s M’s postal codes.

  1. Vick

    Beautiful flowers every month. Reliable and great service at an affordable price compared to other florists. Highly recommend this service to anyone!

  2. Mike

    James made it all very easy to get flower orders ready for holiday deliveries to our Toronto family. Wonderful service that is much appreciated with beautiful flowers delivered every time!

  3. Maria

    The flower subscription is a brilliant gift idea! I have ordered several (including one for myself). The service is outstanding – personal, attentive and without errors – just exactly the way it should be! And best of all, the flower arrangements are stunning! Each one beautiful, very artistic and truly unique. This is an absolutely amazing gift! I will be a regular customer for sure.

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