3 Month Orchid Plant Subscription

Some people call our plant subscription orchids, succulents, and cactus club of the month, others call it the most beautiful monthly plant boxes. No matter what you decide to call it, experience the first plant subscription service available in Toronto! We make sure that we only deliver the most unique and top-notch quality hand curated plants to your doorstep every month for free (delivery fee is included in the price). The first plant will be delivered right away, and the next two on the same day every month for the length of the order.

To increase the length of your plant subscription, just add another 3 month plant subscriptions to your cart and we’ll ensure plants are delivered for the next 3-months every time! If you’re more of a flower bouquet type, check out our 3 month flower subscription instead!

We also offer custom plant solutions to make sure our plant arrangements match your destination on a flexible schedule that works with you. Just send us an email and we’ll make sure there is a plan that works for you if you want plants to be delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.

*The vases are yours to keep forever!


Our 3 month plant subscription is perfect for those that want to spice up their personal desk or office space every month with low maintenance, fresh and unique plant designs every month. All of our plants include the vase for you to keep forever!

What does the monthly plant arrangements look like? All of our monthly plant subscription designs are different every month. The florist will pick the best plants for the season and pair it with the correct vase and greens to make it look absolutely gorgeous every time. We make sure that nobody receives the same plant designs by shopping for fresh locally sourced seasonal plants every day. This prevents us from creating the exact same plant arrangements every time and it supports the local economy.

Can the recipient change delivery or date themselves? The recipient can change the delivery or date themselves that fit their schedule better. They will just have to contact us through email.

How long does the plant arrangement last? Since we source our plants from fresh locally grown farms, they tend to last over two to three weeks with proper care. We have included a card that provides you with instructions on how to properly care for the plants. If you lost it, we also have a basic plant care guide available online. With proper care, the plants will last a long time!

Plant delivery when I’m not home? Our plant couriers are instructed to deliver it to the concierge if you live in a condo if you’re not home (just make sure the concierge is willing to accept the plants). Otherwise, if you live in a house and no one is home our courier will use their judgement to deem if it is safe to leave the plant arrangements outside or hidden slightly from plain view. Alternatively, we can leave the plants with the neighbours with your permission. When delivering in the winter time and no one is home the plants cannot be left outside. In this situation, the courier will bring the plant back and we will attempt delivery again with the same plants the next day or we will reach out and email the most suitable time.

We guarantee no hidden fees. We promise there are no hidden fees with our delivery or we offer 100% refund for your monthly plant order. This is our commitment to you as our customer. We will not charge you for the delivery fee as the price is already included and there are no “small” or “large” plant arrangement tricks. All of our plants come in various sizes depending on the season.

All of our plant arrangements are made with in-season plants unless specified. If you would like a specific plant arrangement you can always leave a request in the checkout and we’ll do our best to accommodate them. We’re so confident that you will love the plant arrangement that we offer a satisfaction guarantee or you’ll get another plant of the same value for free!

Free Plants Deliveries in Downtown Toronto
Check us out with our free plant delivery in downtown Toronto! All of our plant arrangements are delivered using environmentally friendly methods such as car sharing and local social enterprises that empowers the community.*Our delivery zone typically includes most of Toronto’s M’s postal codes.

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