How to Preserve Roses & Bouquets
At Flowers In The Box we care about our flower arrangements and the experiences it gives to our customer. We understand that a lot of our customers want to keep the first flower they got from their loved ones forever and preserve the look of it. With so many of you asking this question we have decided to make a quick DIY flower preservation techniques. These preservation techniques can not only be used to preserve roses, but it can also preserve other types of flowers we sell online.

Preserve Roses & Bouquets with Air Dry Technique

Drying your flower arrangements with this simple free technique is one of the oldest and most well-known methods.

  1.  Strip excess foliage from your flower arrangements and cut the stem to the desired length.
  2. Hang your flower arrangements together or individual roses upside down in a dark, dry area with good circulation.
  3. Leave the flowers hanging for two to three weeks until they’re completely dry and carefully remove the flowers from the hangers and spray them with unscented hairspray to help retain the shape and preserve the flower appearance.
  4. Viola, you have beautiful dried preserved bouquets ready to keep forever.

Preserve Roses & Bouquets with Silica Gel

  1. Plastic container large enough to hold flowers without damaging them and a cup combine the silica over the flowers.
  2. Cut the stems of your flower arrangement very short so they can fit in the container, leaves can be left on or removed, up to how you want it to look like.
  3. Place the flower bouquets or flower arrangement one by one up-side-down on a thin layer of silica gel, gradually sift the silica around the head of the flower. Once the flower is held stable by the silica gel (usually about an inch of silica gel) you can let go of the flower head.
  4. Secure the lid and label the date. After 4 days the flowers should be ready for a showcase.
  5. Spraying anything on the flowers is not needed after this. It can impact the flower’s natural colour once it dries completely.

We hope you enjoyed some of our tips on how to preserve roses. Now go ahead and give it a try and see which way is the best way for you to preserve your flower arrangements. Turn those flowers you just received into “forever flowers”.

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