Have you ever wonder what are the meaning of roses you just received? Don’t worry we got you covered at Flowers In The Box! A lot of people receive flowers everyday and sometimes they are curious into what does each of the rose colors mean. So we figured why not make a simple guide explaining the meaning of roses with different colors and different combinations for those curious enough to try to dig deeper into understanding what the colors represent.

Meaning of Roses with Different Colors

Red Rose
The color of red roses means love, passion, beauty, courage, and respect.
White Rose
The color of white roses means purity, innocence, silence, secrecy, hand heavenly.
Dark Pink Rose
The color of dark pink roses means appreciation and gratitude towards each other.
Light Pink Rose
The color of light pink roses means admiration, sympathy, grace, joy, and sweetness.
Yellow Rose
The color of yellow roses means joy, delight, friendship, welcome, and new beginnings.
Orange Rose
The color of orange roses means fascination, desire, & enthusiasm.
Peach Rose
The color of peach roses means appreciation, closing the deal, get together, and sincerity.
Coral Roses
The color of coral roses mean desire.
Lavender Roses
The color of lavender roses means enchantment and love at first sight but not in a serious relationship yet like red roses.
Yellow Roses with Red Tips
The color of yellow roses with red tips mean friendship and falling in love. The combination of regular yellow roses and red roses.
Red & White Rose
The color of red and white roses mean together and unity between couples.
Red & Yellow Rose
The color of red and yellow roses mean together, happiness, and excitement.

rainbow roses bouquet top view

rainbow roses bouquets top view with different color roses

The next time you receive flowers with different colors and combinations you can now try to see what the person hidden message is! Unless you already have that significant person in your life and they already know what type of color roses you like than we will just assume all this color guide is meaningless! Just kidding, it is always fun to mix it up and diverge from the usual normal of life. Not only is it fun when you’re trying to decipher a hidden message with different flower combinations and colors, it is also a great way to surprise someone special in your life.

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