Planning a Wedding the Complete Guide

The complete guide to planning a wedding that includes wedding checklist, resources for wedding inspirations, and how to make sure you’re on track to plan your best wedding yet (most importantly within budget too!). We figured since we already specialise in helping our clients achieve the most out of their wedding budgets, why not make a simple to follow guide that will help them through the planning and idea gathering stages.

Rule 1: Get a Wedding Checklist!

wedding checklist
Our first rule for our clients is to get a wedding checklist to help them with their planning and idea stages. A good wedding checklist will help guide them through their next steps required to stay on track and within budget including setting a firm deadline for when things should be completed. A lot of people can plan all day long but they forget to execute until the last moment and before they know it, it is already too late and all the wedding planning they did goes out the window. We want to avoid that for all of our clients!

Rule 2: Develop Wedding Ideas and Wedding Themes

wedding themes
Once you get a wedding checklist completed, you need to develop your own wedding ideas and wedding themes that match your own flavour. It is ideal to pick certain design themes and elements that you like from other people’s wedding and combine it with your own touch of uniqueness. To get inspired for this part, we recommend doing some research on Pinterest for wedding pictures, wedding bells or other popular wedding magazines books and websites to get ideas that will help guide you forward on what type of bridal bouquet, wedding centrepieces, table pieces, and other wedding decorations that you will want to be included in your own wedding theme.

Pro Tip: Popular wedding ideas and themes that are currently trending right now in Toronto are vintage/rustic weddings!

*The wedding ideas and theme you select should ideally match your own unique personality and interests in reality. Just because you see a trending wedding theme that everyone is doing right now doesn’t necessarily mean it fits your own unique personality! Everyone has their own preferences and ideas, it is your moment so embrace it! Maybe you prefer modern and chic over vintage and rustic, embrace that side instead of going with the trend (it is your wedding after all!) A wedding that matches your own unique personality is like Nutella on toasted bread… Nothing is sweeter than Nutella on warm toasty bread…

Rule 3: Set a Wedding Budget!

wedding budget list
A very important rule to follow is setting a concrete wedding budget. A lot of people have great wedding ideas and opulent wedding themes but they don’t know how much it will cost. What we recommend them to do is set a realistic budget and tell us exactly what their wedding ideas are and the desired wedding theme. Once we figure out what they want for their wedding we can see if their budget allows us to make it possible for them with one of our affordable pre-planned wedding packages or they need custom wedding flower arrangements instead.

Pro Tip: Handy tool for calculating your wedding budget.

Rule 4: Plan Everything Ahead of Time (ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR WEDDING!)

plan your wedding early
The most important rule of all is plan everything ahead of time for your wedding! Some clients like to plan about 12 months ahead which is what we recommend, this way you’re able to account or plan for unforeseeable events. However, if you’re the last minute type where you try to plan and cram everything in like you did back in university, you might be missing out on some important details for your important wedding day! Make sure to check the venue to see if they’re available for your desired dates, if the wedding dress still fits, the wedding cake will arrive on time, and most importantly the wedding flowers are exactly how you want it!

Planning ahead will not only save you money on your wedding day but it will also give you a lot of time to think about what you really want to have in your wedding. This helps a lot so you don’t feel pressured into accepting just any deal even when you’re not getting the best deal because they know you’re in a rush and is willing to accept any deal.

Hopefully, these simple rules and tools provided will help you with planning your wedding a.k.a. one of the most stressful times of your life. Remember to enjoy it and have fun with it while you’re researching what to incorporate in your own wedding. Seek inspirations from other people’s wedding from online or magazines and see what fits with your own wedding themes and ideas. Wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful and complicated, enjoy the planning stages while it last and make it special!