Congrats, you finally found yourself a date for this year’s Valentine’s Day and now you have the problem of trying to not look like a fool and figure out where to take your date. You know since first impressions are always the most important especially when it is Valentine’s Date and not a regular date type of day. Since you want to look you know what you’re doing and become a smooth operator, here are some of the things that would make for a great Valentine’s date idea that is available in Toronto and doesn’t break your bank.

Make Sure Your Valentine’s Date is FULL! AT ALL TIMES!

  • Take Your Valentine’s Date to Dinner, duh!
    First and foremost, you got to set the tone right with at least dinner! Talk with your date over some fine wine or cheap beer, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re into each other company and have some private time together to figure out if you guys are even compatible. If you want to make it extra special and full of surprise, you can surprise her with flowers delivered to the table by yours truly.
  • Take Your Valentine’s Date to a Lounge After Dinner!
    If you’re already outside why not hit up a cool lounge on the way home? Plenty of awesome lounge spots in Toronto that offers a cool unique drink that most restaurants don’t offer. Lighten up the mood with some nice cocktails and keep it fun! Checkout blogTO awesome blog about the top 5 new cocktail bars in Toronto.
  • Dine in!
    If you don’t want to take your date to a fancy dinner (or a cheap dinner), why not dine in and have a romantic time at home?! It can be a fun activity to cook a delicious meal together and share it together while watching Netflix. Alternatively, if you don’t know how to cook like me, you can order some food in via Foodora, Uber Eats, or Just-Eat (I’m starting to lose track of all these eating apps) and remove the food from the takeout boxes and pretend that you made it. You also can’t forget about the alcohol so make sure you stop by LCBO to pick up the cheapest fancy looking wine so you can pop a bottle over dinner and look smooth.
  • Take Your Valentine’s Date to a Park After Dinner!
    Since you saved some money by dining in, assuming you and your date ate like pigs and drank enough wine that you’re all already half gone why not hit up a beautiful park located in downtown Toronto? Some of the most beautiful parks in Toronto are Grange Park, High Park and St James Park. Check out this extensive list of beautiful parks by BlogTO (yes we know its February and it’s cold as hell outside but that doesn’t mean this still isn’t a great list!)

Do Some Fun Activities With Your Valentine’s Date: So You Don’t Look Boring

  • Watch Movies At Cineplex
    See the hype with La La Land? She probably wants to go watch it, go watch it with her! Be the Ryan Gosling to your Emma Stones ;). If Cineplex is too much or too extra, you can always check out small movie theatre chains like Imagine Cinemas, they offer awesome prices from movie tickets to popcorns and drinks!
  • Hit Up The ROM/AGOLook like you’re sophisticated, cultured and experienced in fine art by taking your date to some fancy art galleries in town. Not only do these places have beautiful works of arts, but they are also great places to take photos in.
  • Watch a Fancy Show at the Theatre
    Check out the shows available to watch at the beautiful old theatres in Toronto such as Princes of Wales, Ed Mirvish, Royal Alexandra, etc. There are tonnes of different options beyond just Cineplex! You can even keep it classy by dressing up for these events!

Remember, if you’re lucky enough to have a date for Valentine’s this year, keep the night fun and romantic! Don’t forget to surprise her with flowers too! We got you covered with the most awesome blooms and you’re automatically entered to win a $100 Keg gift card to use for your Valentine’s Date!