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Wedding Bouquets & Packages

At Flowers In The Box we do more than just sell fresh flower arrangements with free delivery in downtown Toronto, we also do wedding bouquets and wedding flower packages (pre-planned or bespoke)! Check us out if you want someone that is crazy with the minor details and super fast with customer service, look no further! We believe that everyone deserves to have their dream wedding flowers because you own that day and that moment of your lives. To help our clients achieve their dream wedding we offer them two options.

1. Pre-planned Wedding Packages.

For clients that have a limited budget, we have several pre-planned packages that can fit anyone budget to achieve their dream wedding flowers. All of our packages include wedding bouquets for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom at the bare minimum. As you move up in packages it includes more flower arrangements and options. Pick up is required otherwise there is a delivery charge of $50 for pre-planned packages.

The Vegas Wedding $200

1 Bride’s Bouquet
1 Boutonniere (additional boutonniere cost $10/piece)

The Chapel Wedding $600

1 Bride’s Bouquet
2 Bridesmaids Bouquets (additional bridesmaid’s bouquets starts at $50)
2 Boutonniere (additional boutonniere cost $10/piece)
2 Corsages (additional corsages cost $15/piece)
1 Table Set of Flowers

The Complete Wedding $1200

1 Bride’s Bouquet
2 Bridesmaids Bouquets (additional bridesmaid’s bouquets starts at $50)
5 Boutonniere (additional boutonniere cost $10/piece)
5 Corsages (additional corsages cost $15/piece)
3 Table Set of Flowers
1 Guest Book Table Flower

2. Custom Wedding Arrangements.

If none of these pre-planned packages fit your wedding, don’t worry! You can still contact us and we’ll be more than happy to make it possible for you to achieve your dream wedding on any budget. From extravagant to low key, we’re here to help you feel less stressed out when it comes to wedding planning all your floral needs. We offer all of our client’s free complimentary wedding flower consultation that works with your budget and at your time. Some tips to include in the email includes:

1. What type of bouquet or wedding theme did you have in mind?
2. Do you want your bouquet monochromatic or filled with colour?
3. Would you like mixed flower arrangements or all in one?
4. How large of a bouquet are you looking for? Completely round, half round, or small?
5. Do you have any images of your dream wedding to provide for reference?

We also made a simple wedding checklist and guide that will hopefully be helpful for you!

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